What can I keep? What can’t I keep?

Generally, you are allowed to keep your house and car, as well as furniture, electronics, clothing, social security funds, and retirement accounts. You are also allowed to keep, up to a certain amount, jewelry and tools used for work. If you have a loan on one of these items, such as a mortgage, you would need to keep paying that loan in order to keep the asset.

Property that you generally cannot keep includes money you have when your case is filed, tax refunds for the year of filing, firearms, some collectibles, stocks or interests in businesses, and more than one house or vehicle (per person). We will help you find a way to retain value from these items through proper exemption planning.

Keep in mind that the lists above are not exhaustive, and so if you have property that is not listed, just ask! This information may also change if you have lived in Kansas for less than two years or if you file for a Chapter 13 Payment Plan bankruptcy.

What can I keep? What can’t I keep?
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