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Eron Law is a bankruptcy law firm that also specializes in business, transactions, real estate, and litigation. We are committed to serving our clients with integrity and the highest quality of service from the beginning of the case to the end.



Filing bankruptcy might be the best way to discard unmanageable debt or to make a formal plan to repay the debt. Eron Law specializes in bankruptcy for both individuals and businesses. Our Kansas bankruptcy attorneys represent debtors and creditors in a wide range of areas.

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Business & Transactions

It is essential for successful businesses to comply with general business, tax and employment laws. Even if selling or closing a business is desired, the proper steps must be completed. Eron Law has a team of business lawyers who specialize in all areas of commercial law.

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Eron Law specializes in litigation, which includes researching the background of your dispute, identifying the specific laws that pertain to your case, and estimating the success of your case. If the case goes to court, our litigation attorneys know the information to present as well as the process, procedures and deadlines that must be met.

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