What is the Prelle Eron & Bailey philosophy on service?

It is undoubtedly true that most of the general public is hard put to distinguish between good lawyering and bad lawyering. Knowing the difference often requires legal ability and knowledge. Unlike home repairs, for example, where the difference between a good job and a bad job can be obvious (i.e. the faucet leaks, the light doesn’t turn on, there are bare spots on the walls, etc.), the results of a legal proceeding do not necessarily indicate the quality of the legal service provided. Great lawyers can and do “lose” cases. Success for an attorney must be judged by other standards. Our goal is to provide the highest quality service by focusing on three areas.

First, we ensure that our professionals are properly trained and educated.

This means attending conferences and seminars, subscribing to and reading publications relevant to our areas of practice, talking to our colleagues in the profession about new and difficult legal issues, and getting the hands on experience that hones our skills. This provides the knowledge and abilities to ensure the competence required to handle your case. If we do not possess that level of competence, we will help you find another attorney who does.

Second, many problems may be resolved by using alternative tools.

We will never try to smash square pegs into round holes. Ingenuity and creativity can take what may have been a bad situation and obtain positive results. By understanding you and your ultimate goals, rather than just the battle at hand, we may find other methods to achieve success not suggested by blunt force legal process.

In those situations where the desired result cannot be obtained, we will discern that at the earliest possible moment in order to save you the time and expense of following a dead end road. On the other hand, when necessary, we are well-qualified to pursue your case zealously until the very end of a case. Our attorneys have litigated numerous cases all the way to trial—many more have been settled on the eve of trial because the opposing party was not as well-prepared for the trial. We are not afraid to try a case.

Third, in every case and with every client, our focus is on providing you with service.

That means that we will make your matter as important to us as it is to you. Your attorney at Prelle Eron & Bailey will be personally involved in your case right from the beginning. You will not deal with a paralegal throughout the process only to meet with the attorney at the very end.

After all, our services are typically provided in times of our clients’ greatest need. These matters involve our clients’ businesses, finances, personal endeavors, livelihoods, and families. Our first and foremost goal is to build a relationship with you. If you are looking for a Wichita bankruptcy lawyer, contact Prelle Eron & Bailey today!

What is the Prelle Eron & Bailey philosophy on service?
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