What is the Prelle Eron & Bailey philosophy on integrity?

How do you know when a lawyer is lying? His lips are moving! So goes one of a million different lawyer jokes targeted at perceived dishonesty in the profession. Fortunately, such questionable morality is not nearly as common as many believe. Unfortunately, some individuals anticipate that a good attorney will help them “get around” the law.

Three years of the Air Force cadet honor code, and many more years as a Boy Scout leader, have ingrained in David Prelle Eron a strict adherence to absolute integrity, an adherence that he passes along to the entire firm. This may create some hard choices at times. However, the alternative is not only wrong, it is illegal.

By helping you work within the law to solve your problem, we will not only stay true to ourselves and obtain the best possible results, we will also protect you from the draconian ramifications of the old “wink and a nod,” which can include legal sanctions and even criminal prosecution.

As it turns out, honesty really is the best policy! If you’re filing bankruptcy in Kansas, our lawyers are glad to serve you.

What is the Prelle Eron & Bailey philosophy on integrity?
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